Dear Friends,
I will no longer be updating or using this blog. As this blog had very limited possibilities, I decided to create my own blog with the help of a friend of mine, and although it took more time than expected, it has come out nice! This is also the reason why I have not been updating this blog for quite a while…

The new blog is much more elaborate, and although we are still working on a few details, the new blog has already gone live today: http://www.swamipurnachaitanya.com

As many people have been requesting me to share some more of my stories and experiences of working in the North East (and other places), I will be regularly sharing these, as well as writing about our projects and activities in the North East, and other topics like I have been doing earlier already (such as upanayana, puja, Vedic traditions, etc..)

Please have a look at the new blog, SUBSCRIBE for updates, LIKE it and SHARE it with others that might be interested in it as well… 🙂

I am grateful for your support!


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